Monday, March 14, 2011

Tremendous amount of radiation measured

#4 reactor at 福島第一原発 is now burning - and they have measured a "tremendous amount" of radiation near the plant.

So - meltdown is underway it seems. One of the reactor cores has cracked.

Humans !> Nuclear Power

While I think Nuclear Power is actually a good thing - nothing comes without risks. We need to simply understand what we're dealing with better and build a better mouse trap. The world cannot continue on oil and coal - and we don't have green alternatives ready to scale in mass - so for now, we need to take this as a lesson.

So many people are going to cry out against Nuclear Power - but this isn't someone's "fault" - you build a facility to withstand the most dangerous models you can predict using the most data you can collect - but this was beyond "reasonable" in terms of sheer power and force. Nature is pissed the hell off.

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