Friday, March 18, 2011


This is great sign.

I went to a super sentou tonight (スーパー銭湯) alone because my mother-in-law had a free ticket that expired today and no one else wanted to go.

It is pretty near the Fukuoka airport actually. It's called 万葉の湯 (まんようのゆ) in case anyone wants to check it out.

Anyway, the sign is on the inside of the locker you are assigned and tagged with (they gave me a bracelet with a bar code - that's being tagged) when you enter. You have to hand over the key to the locker where you put away your shoes as well - probably so you can't run away.

Though the bullet points list multiple offenders, that lovely word 入れ墨 tops the list. いれずみ means "tattoo" and literally translates "ink in".

I like how they put 入れ墨シール in brackets just so there is no mistaking they mean get the hell out.

Naturally, I did not get out.

Three tattoos all in very visible places make me an easy target. I've been kicked out of various bath houses on multiple occasions, but since I got my daughter's footprint done, I've escaped eviction. Luck?

The other unwanted customers are drunkards, people with gang affiliations, and people with pets.

Damn animal lovers.

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