Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm sure I've blogged about 差別(さべつ) before, but whenever I find some evidence of it being alive and well in Japan, it is my sworn duty to post said evidence online.

This is by no means indicative of everyone in society by any means - but it is clearly a money-making sentiment in this district.


How to learn kanji very fast said...

I don't get it... does the sign mean you can only "call" people in Japan (no international calls) or that only Japanese people can use the service??? :\
Thanks for sharing anyways! :D

帝羅 said...

The AU logo was coincidental I think - we were in a bar district (club district more accurately) and I think they are pretty directly saying "Gaijin stay away" from the bar. This was in Kobe - there are a lot of foreigners in Kobe still from it's glory days as a trading port.