Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Edano is getting grilled

Right now there is a news conference, and the reporters are laying into Edano. The US has issued an alert to it's nationals saying they should evacuate up to 80 Km from the Fukushima plant. Japan has evacuated up to 20 Km and says people within 30 Km should stay inside.

Quite the disparity no?

We're like 1000+ Km away, so my family is personally safe, and for the situation that allowed me to make such a decision early on I am very grateful. I hope these people have somewhere to go. Keep in mind it was 5 Km at one point. Now we're at 80 Km from the US. France and Germany told their nationals to get out of Japan entirely.

I wonder how close we are to the peak of this.

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