Thursday, April 05, 2007

Slick Gadgetry

Here is a slick little gadget that might be familiar to some (and very alien to others). The Japanese at the top says "For use with a PC." Then of course you get the play on the iMac. It's got an IntalV inside it... USB connection... and I found it very near the condoms in a drug store...

So what do you think it is?

That's pretty much as far as I can take it - Japan the Land of Innovation!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Something Japanesey and Fun!

I recorded this at the recent Fukuoka Auto Show.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

At Long Last! Filthy Japanese!!!

At long last I've finally uncovered a gem of Japanese language you absolutely will not be taught in any class!

That sounds all infomercial of me, but I can barely contain my excitement. In the midst of my joy I know in the back of my mind that this blog is going to come back and bite me in the bum at some point in the future by a potential employer or some Japanese business person that I'm looking to form a working-relationship with.

C'est la vie (this is not a Latin blog - look it up).

The modifier, shall we say, for today's blog is やがれ

Basically やがれ modifies some Japanese verb with the English equivalent of "fucking."

You can see why I'm so happy. This has never been a blog about standard 文部省 Japanese. My intention from the beginning has been to bring to light Japanese expressions most students will have a trying time of locating on their own.

Heck I only figured this out today by asking my wife!

Let's put it to use!

しやがれ! "Fucking do it!" (whatever it is)
勉強しやがれ! "Fucking Study!"
食べやがれ! "Fucking Eat it!"

And so on.

How to construct such an expression:

Take the verb stem of the verb you would like to make dirty.

する ー> します ー> し
食べる ー> 食べます ー> 食べ

Then add やがれ to the end. You're done. You've just horribly offended whomever is listening!

A couple of notes:

Not every verb is going to couple properly with this ending. For example, a distressted parent may mutter under their breath to a child "fucking go to sleep" at 3 in the morning, but in Japanese 寝やがれ doesn't sound quite right. Doesn't mean that you won't get your meaning across, but there are some things that just don't translate.

やがれ doesn't exactly translate to "fuck." You can't just go around saying やがれこいつ! to people on the street. But it has that same kind of harsh, angry, foul context that should work nicely if that's the kind of mouth you kiss your mother with.

By the by, こいつ is a really derogatory word for "you."

I didn't intend this to be a lesson on more than one word, but here's a quick review of the words that I know for "you" -

あなた (every student of Japanese learns this)
あんた (disrespectful - but often used from higher to lower position)
きみ ("cute" 'you' if you will - in a lot of graphic novels and love stories)
おまえ (disrespectful - very often used from higher to lower position)
こいつ (almost like spitting it out, really disrespectful on purpose)

That's all for today!