Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double speak

What the hell is this:

In Tokyo, the metropolitan government said radiation reached around 20 times normal levels in the capital on Tuesday morning but said governor Shintaro Ishihara said the levels would "not immediately cause health problems". (full article)

What does "not immediately" mean? Why isn't anyone demanding an answer to what kind of health risks exists in the "not immediate" future?

3 months? 6 months? What if my life is actually getting shorter from the far end slowly, and I'll only find out when I hit 55 and die from some special complication connected with radiation?

Damn politicians and their double speak. Of course "not immediately" is true - you can't argue with a fact! But you can see beyond the lie and question the integrity of their position.

I saw a quote (an old quote - but one that I had forgotten) today that reminded me why the Japanese government is so effective. Almost from birth - it teaches people not to use their brains.

To find yourself, think for yourself. --Socrates

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