Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Shinkansen to Hakata

We decided that if the reactor was going to suffer a full meltdown, it would probably happen within the next 48 hours. At that point, the extent of the nuclear debris being pumped into the air from either an explosion (unlikely) or simply the steam bleeding they are manually performing would be made clear. If the nuclear debris in the air is such that Tokyo and Yokohama are exposed to any level of radiation at all beyond what our sun rains down on us every day - well that's a level of risk I'm not willing to gamble on with my daughter.

We will ride out the next few days far away from any possibility of radiation exposure - and then see what happens.

Worst case scenario - we leave Japan via Fukuoka.

Best case scenario - the Safety Agency gets a grip on the Fukushima plant and averts a larger environmental and health hazard.

Over 10,000 have already died - this country has suffered quite enough.

Radiation = 放射線 (ほうしゃせん)

These are words I never thought I would teach on my blog - words that I never thought I would have to use at all...

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