Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Silence

TEPCO and the Japanese Government have been on radio silence since late yesterday - there have been occasional talks, but they are always a rehash of old information. Not the flurry of news conferences that immediately followed the disaster.

So - what changed?

The chemical reactions didn't just stop or run out of energy. They haven't paused to catch their breath.

The tactics to fight rising temperatures haven't suddenly become more effective (although the overall temperature in the region has dropped dramatically - but not enough to counter nuclear fission).

This is the calm before the storm I would say. Perhaps it's a bit on the negative side - I could be much more optimistic and say "wow they got it under control! Great!"

Is there anyone that would believe that? Anyone foolish enough to accept that our leaders are somehow more capable than we are? It's really unnerving to have so much media attention, chain-explosions, radiation spikes and drops - and then...

Nothing at all.

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