Monday, March 14, 2011

Evacuating 20 Km from the plant and staying indoors up to 30 Km

The next thing they will say is that a strong Northern wind has picked up contaminates and is currently blowing them towards Tokyo.

I hope hope hope hope hope they don't, but it seems like everything I'm thinking in my head comes true an hour later.

I should stop thinking. This is a time I want to be wrong wrong wrong.

The world simply cannot imagine the ripple effect this is going to have in all walks of life. Japanese production is so intimately tied to all the electronics that we consume and love in other countries (most especially in the USA) - and the effects of this are going to come a month or many months later. That's just one economic aspect. It's going to hit hard in industrial production, research, politics, etc.

They are restoring train service in Tokyo - but the possibility of another 7.0+ still looms large. I'm sure the city will handle quake after quake - it's built exactly to withstand such events - but the mental toll of continued quakes, or another Tsunami - at some point the psyche is going to turn ugly and in the absolute worse case scenario, people start doing crazy things.

This society is far more hardened against mass panic than other countries - another mystery that attracts me to Japan - but there is only so much a human can take before things start going bad.

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