Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love me some BBC

I like the BBC. They are rarely the absolute first news agency to report something breaking, but when they finally get around to publishing something - it's deep, well thought-out, well written, and includes absolutely none of the US hysteria so typical of both the Left and Right news media.

The BBC tells the truth as they see it - with no frills and no excuses. It's part of being British I guess to have a very stoic way of observing life as it happens. A blessing in the media. Terrible if you're trying to have a laugh and you have to endure British humour at it's most sour.

Today I read an article in the BBC about the Nuclear disaster efforts, and I was especially keen on the following passage:

The US state department has urged Americans living within 80km of Fukushima Daiichi to leave the area - a much wider exclusion zone than the 20km advised by the Japanese government.

Mr Edano described the US approach as "conservative".

Britain has advised its nationals currently in Tokyo and to the north of the capital to consider leaving the area.

France has urged its citizens in Tokyo to leave the country or move south. Two Air France planes are due to begin evacuating French nationals later on Thursday.

That's quite the reaction all around I must say. France has always been particularly good about protecting their own, and wasting all of their peoples' money in the process, but for the British to actually say people in Tokyo should "consider leaving the area" - well that's tantamount to drag-Queen sensationalism if you're British. Amazing.

And the Japanese government continues to say very little on the subject of "are we actually in meltdown?"

Like I said - I totally understand that the government cannot simply hold a press conference and say, "well, look, this is really shitty news, but basically since last Friday radiation has been escaping, and, well, with the explosions and fires and what-not, the reactor cores have been compromised. Radiation is now leaking out, and there really isn't anything for it but to run away."

A statement like that would cause mass hysteria. And the damage from the ensuing chaos would probably be worse than radiation exposure (depending on the dose of course).

If you're in Japan and reading my blog (there isn't a single person in Japan reading my blog), I would say get as far from Tokyo as you can as I've been saying for days. If you're not in Japan and reading my blog (all the rest of you), call your friends living in Japan who are say "the media says things are not dangerous - it's no big deal" and hit them over the head with a large chunk of you're-an-idiot-the-government-doesn't-care-about-you until they come to their senses and take a trip West. The wind is blowing West to East after all (Zephyr anyone?), so we should escape into the wind.

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