Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A boy's gotta eat

Despite the terrifying prospects of the world's first multi-reactor failure in a country that has some experience with nuclear devastation, three times a day my thoughts are pushed from the spotlight as my stomach takes center stage.

一風堂 (いっぷうどう) is one of the best Hakata-ramen restaurants in the world in my opinion.

一風堂 can be translated "one style hall" where the kanji for "hall" is a hang-over from an older age before we had borrowed English like レストラン.

The 一風堂 style actually comes in two flavors (a bit of irony with lunch tastes good). They serve their 赤丸 style with their sweeter white style (I always order 赤丸 so I realized as I was writing this that I have no idea what the white kind is called in Japanese!).

一風堂 has set up shop in a number of cities around Japan, with one in 町田 close to where I practice yoga having opened rather recently.

Highly recommended if you're looking for great ramen.

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