Monday, March 14, 2011

NHK Live Stream

I didn't realize that I hadn't shared this NHK Live Stream before now. It's broadcast almost always in real time with translators going sentence by sentence and letting you know what's going on.

Things are very, very bad for the Fukushima reactor. Radiation levels are 8 times what can safely be absorbed by a human body in a year near the plant. People are being told to stay indoors - not open the windows - and not use ventilation.

To me - that sounds like being trapped. These people closest to the reactor are in big trouble, and the fear is that wind and rain will quickly carry this stuff to Tokyo.

Even if it's a weak form, even if it doesn't cause any sickness or side effects, can you take that chance with your children? There are no stakes I would put on her life. None at all. All these people should go away just in case.

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