Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Massive Shortage of DS Lites

That's right - there are no DS Lites to be had anywhere in Japan. I showed up at the store at 10:03 like the lady said "come at 10 and you'll have one) and they had already sold out. Not because there was a huge line - oh no - they only got THREE of them in at all and someone had been lined up since 9:30!

What in the bloody #$^@ is that all about? How do you stay in business as an electronics store when you service your customers by saying "if you come at 10 you will ABSOLUTELY have one" and then not have any in stock!!! She said that - she used the absolute form of the words when speaking to me.

You heard it here first. Massive shortage of DS Lites in Japan. And stupid employees that shouldn't have jobs in the first place.

Now I have to go home empty-handed and explain to my gf why I don't have her DS...

The word for today is むかつく (son of a @#%^& in this instance).

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