Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I want an iPhone =(

I really really really want an iPhone. I hope that once the SDK goes live (SOMEtime this year guys...) someone will port my favorite Firefox extension to the iPhone (my fav is Rikaichan)

I also want a kanji practice program like I used to have on my PDA. But more than just drawing the kanji correctly and having the program give me the thumbs up, I want to be able to search by kanji drawn.

"Make the program yourself!" you say... if only... if only...

Here's looking forward to the iPhone SDK, the 3G version which will run on HSDPA and I'll be able to use on cell towers in Japan, and the unlimited family plan so I never worry about minutes again!


Anonymous said...

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Ross said...

We'll we did it. While there is no way to add a plugin to Safari on the iPhone we created Rikai Browser which works similarly to Rikaichan. It's a full web browser with the ability to look up words at a touch.

Right now it's available on the iPad with iPhone support coming out very soon (a matter of days). iPod Touch as well on wifi.

More info here: http://longweekendmobile.com/get-our-apps

Good luck on your Japanese studies!