Friday, February 24, 2006


In the dictionary ぼけ may come out as 呆け or 惚け meaning "sinility" or "forgetful" or something along those lines. I've even heard that it can be used to describe a person with alzheimers. Today I'm bringing you a much more useful definition of the word.

ぼけ means "moron." I know this because my girlfriend said it to me this afternoon in jest (I think). I suppose other useful terms would be along the lines of "idiot," or "stupid," or "airhead" (well maybe not airhead - that's a relic from my middle school years).

As always, in English or in Japanese, using a word with the proper intonation is important in order to convey the correct meaning. You could, quite literally, scream this word in someone's face and find yourself in a very unpleasant situation as a result of all their friends taking exception to such name-calling, or you could say it to a friend and mean it only in a teasing way.

Sarcasm rules no matter where you hail from.

So why are you still reading ぼけ~!

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