Monday, February 20, 2006


Today's word is most similar to めちゃくちゃ which is kind of like "really really" and can be used when you're really excited OR down about something. An example sentence would be:

ぼっこしお腹が痛い(ぼっこしおなかがいたい、bokkoshi onaka ga itai) - My stomach really hurts (and I think I'm going to die).


ぼっこしウケタ!!(ぼっこしウケタ、bokkoshi uketa) - OMFGLMAO (for the chat addicts) -or- HOLY @#^@ THAT WAS FUNNY!! (for the rest of us).

I really wish that Japanese had some kind of upper case system so that I could go ぼっこしウケタ!! in a chat room or something and everyone would be like "pipe down" and "quit shouting."

That would be nice...

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kinch said...

Slightly off-topic... well, the main topic. I finally have a definition of "mecha kucha". I see this all the time in... well, never mind where I see it, but I see it alot and never found a helpful definition for it. Thanks!