Thursday, June 16, 2011


I like tattoos. I've blogged about my experience in Japan being that I have some tattoos in plain sight.

I recently got a new tattoo of my daughter's name with Sakura blossoms behind it.

The kanji were written by my wife. I begged her for 20 months to write it for me because I wanted my daughter's name in her mother's handwriting. Finally she gave in - and here we have the finished product!

The characters are 結ぶ "to bind" 里 "native place" (your home) and 愛 which means love of course.

Two villages bound by love = super cute baby girl.

I love her name. It's a character longer than most names, and you don't even want to know how many names we gave her total, so she'll probably grow up mad that we gave her such a complex first name.

The mysteries of love sweetie. Daddy and Mommy couldn't come up with anything simpler than this!

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