Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yeah... Feb 09 until now...

I've been a little busy - I hate to admit it, but the blog took a major back seat.

I've been to Japan three times already this year on business, trying to get a contract in place for my company's software. Coming really close, but failing to seal the deal for one reason or another (note: I'm not solely in charge of sealing the deal).

I'll give a little bit of Hakata-ben in this post (as I'm hearing it all the time at home),


This is basically the same as saying:


In Hakata, we like our たい good and sprinkled all over the place, so my wife will be on video chat with her parents saying something like:


I went shopping, but there wasn't aaaaaaaaaaaaanything to buy.

The amount of 'a's in the word is roughly equivalent to the duration of time she holds the sound.

One of these days I'm getting a stop watch to clock her.

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