Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the flip side...

We have kanji like this one:


There is no defensible position in any realm of logic past, present, or future why one kanji needs that many meanings in English.

Couldn't they have just split it up a bit?!


Kinch said...

I agree. !00%. Totatlly, unequivocally, and asbolutely, I agree. I don't mind words (kanji) that have multiple meanings. As long as those meanings are the same, or reasonably close, or have a similar root definition. But why, why, why, do so many kanji have meanings that are not only completely different and distinct from each other, but also (often enough for me to notice) their meanings are exact opposites! One obvious example is 'irrashaimasu', which can mean is, comes, goes, or stays. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

i think they have so many meanings because they are used in different contexts. Look up some sample sentences in Jim Breen or
It might make a bit more sense. And be easier to remember.

But it might actually be a bit more efficient than english. Using one word in many different contexts.