Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Viewing Japanese TV Programs

So I finished my last post and wanted to research Japanese television programs online.

Here's some of the stuff I've found:

http://beelinetv.com/ -- streamed Japanese television stations.

http://www.telsat.com/frequ.htm -- Satellite Feeds for those in New Zealand!

http://www.mpeg2-dvb.com/iprog1.htm -- Satellite company offering free feeds from various companies and pay-per-view feeds from others. Japan's NHK!

http://www.ftasatellite.com/JapaneseTV.htm -- Free To Air Satellite Channels from Japan!

http://www.tvjapan.net/eng/index.html -- Japanese Company's homepage for Satellite feed.

Dish Network -- not a lot going on from Dish Network...

Direct TV -- doesn't even offer a Japanese channel in it's South Asian package

Online TV Player -- could this be for real? Don't take my word for it - looks promising though.

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